You spent years constructing your reputation. Let us help you safeguard it.

We know that you worked hard to gain the reputation you've earned. And we know how easily even the relatively smallest missteps, whether they are true or a public misunderstanding, can unravel that hard work. Through successful crisis communications plans, we help customers of all sizes and industries develop, protect and preserve their reputations.

  • Crisis Communication

In order to maintain the credibility of an organization before, during and after a crisis hits, an effective communication plan is essential. We have helped consumers tackle cyber and data breaches, legal problems, natural disasters, product recalls, bankruptcies, complex financial crises, high-profile inquiries and other credibility-threatening incidents, all while framing narratives that resonate with and retain their reputation intact with their goals.

To support companies navigate crisis situations, we know how to prepare for the worst and cope with the unexpected.

  • Preparedness and Responsiveness to Cyber Security threats

Today, cyber attacks are imminent. It's not "if"-it's "when," and whether the company can survive the crisis or not has a direct effect on its ability to continue doing business. In order to determine their cyber security preparedness, our team works with customers and their CISOs and both help them establish a communication strategy before a data breach or cyber incident and navigate through the real crisis. We know how to navigate the vital tasks on both the left and right of the boom successfully.

  • Litigation Communication

In close collaboration with the legal team, a wise, proactive legal relations strategy helps to confront disinformation, advance constructive messaging, and condition the atmosphere for a favorable outcome. We have been working with leading law firms around the nation to direct clients through contentious legal wars, including complicated multi-state cases, state and federal court civil and criminal prosecutions, and class action lawsuits.

  • Government Hearings support 

For both an entity and its leadership, investigations and hearings may pose significant credibility risks, particularly when criticism by politicians creates media attention. Intimate knowledge of how the public policy process functions is needed for an effective communications strategy. We have considerable experience working to design, administer, and execute initiatives unique to their situations and promoting the overall strategy of the team with clients and their legal and government relations departments.

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