With years of practice in creating, improving, and expanding civil society organizations on the continent, RETENO & Associates is a leading expert on how to create and operate thriving, innovative grassroots organizations that provide successful advocacy.

Reteno & Associates works with Civil Society organizations in community mobilization, civil society capacity building and brand creation to support other groups, networks, businesses, and individuals.

We combine a long-standing knowledge of global and regional sustainable development concerns and other fields that have an impact on social change, access to decision-makers and policy leaders, a broad network of contacts, and a wide pool of resources to help create your advocacy capacity and maximize your impact.

Reteno & Associates has collaborated with Non-Profits in a wide range of organizations, ranging from major professional groups, faith-based and cause-based organizations. Our NGO work focuses on the growth, progression, financial, administrative, and information technology processes which results in a high level of expertise as well as better financial results.

Sensitive and intelligent people who are committed to seeking solutions that suit the organization.

Our programs are driven by openness, pragmatism, and compassion.

  • Inspiring guidance, assistance, and solutions, arising from our enthusiasm for making each other better.
  • Trustworthy knowledge rooted in our vast expertise and continuing efforts to stay up-to-date.
  • Innovative methods that have been evaluated in our large and complex network.
  • Rational thought and truthful reviews.
  • Tailored guidance and suggestions focused on thorough research and in-depth understanding.