Reteno & Associates consultants provide you with state-of-the-art lobbying and campaigning services and experience.

We're offering:

  • Advocacy strategy (including target group analysis) and advocacy facilitation, allowing value-driven advocacy
  • Services for Policy Analysis
  • Services of study and writing
  • Advocacy Campaign – Design and Policy Consultancy
  • Capacity building advocacy: instruction of participants in lobbying tactics, rhetoric, advocacy, etc.
  • Organizational Growth Programs

With years of experience in creating, improving, and developing civil society organizations on the continent, Reteno & Associates is a leading player on how to create and operate effective and creative organizations.
Incentive Updates – Real-time and personalized e-mail alerts on the new funding opportunities for NGOs, as well as scholarships and invitations to prestigious events.

Consulting on: Operational planning, risk reduction and results-based NGO management.